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View Diary: Electronic Health Records, Meaningful Use, and the HITECH Act (33 comments)

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    When I lived in Colorado, my doctor's office used paper records. I never saw what was in mine. On one occasion, the nurse actually pulled the wrong record (my dad went to the same doctor and has the same name).

    Now, everybody I go to is using an EMR (the one my company makes, actually). I can generally see the screen while they're putting in information. When I went to the ER last year, I told the nurse I'd taken an aspirin and she put it in as aspirin being something I took regularly; next time I saw my doctor, that popped up on the screen (different location, same record) so I was able to point it out and have it removed.

    I can also see all of my test results on my computer (or phone).

    So, yeah, I have a lot more confidence in electronic records than paper records.

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