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View Diary: Republican Salvation? RAISE THE GIPPER! ... (and more) (7 comments)

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    Of course, Adam Smith's capitalism is liberal compared to the reality today. The capitalist model of the free market presupposes competition among both suppliers and consumers, and that all market participants have access to the same information. These assumptions are just as naive about human greed as communism's assumption that unbiased arbiters can plan allocation of resources and products without abusing their power.

    If the Republican party is going to resurrect a president of the past, they should go for Teddy Roosevelt, not the Gipper. We need a populist president.

    I still get pain from the irony of the oligarchs (and their mouthpieces on CNBC and Fox) playing the class warfare card whenever financial or tax reforms come up. The current phase of the class war has been going on pretty much since the Bush I administration, with the oligarchs on the offensive almost the entire time. All of the positions of that crew are designed to destroy the middle class in the US, whether by moving jobs off-shore, warring against science and knowledge, or promoting the idea that no tax is a good tax.

    - A liberal libertarian

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