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View Diary: GUS - flumpty's usual "Friday Morning Open Thread" hosted by someone else (77 comments)

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  •  yep it is windy (7+ / 0-)

    you might be blocked by it?

    saw over the weekend where some local loser town to your south wanted to join your town and that idea got kicked to the curb.

    don't be letting that riff-raff in!

    •  it was richland hills (6+ / 0-)

      that wanted to join north richland  hills.  heck, i wouldn't join north richland hills and i live here.  it's ruled with an iron fist by a republican and his posse.  

      NRH doesn't like RH because they advocate public transportation and here in NRH, my dear it is Just Not Done. everyone must have an automobile in order to be the "right kind" of resident.  there's (gasp) a trinity railway/dart station in richland hills!  it is also possible to summon FW busses for special purposes to richland hills.  this too, is just not done as, of course, the wrong kind of person rides those buses.  i'm sure you know all this cx, it's more for the enjoyment of others that i write it.  LOL.  

      i've ordered  more republicans off my property this primary season than ever.  no dems running in any of the races.  bonds up, but, i'm not voting for any of them.  

      the ron paul advocate across the street put up his "Paul 2008" signs again.  i've been fantasizing about replacing them with "paul 2012" signs just to see how long it would take for him to notice, but i can't bring myself to get any paul signs.  it will remain a fantasy unless i get particularly stupid and have a hankering to bathe in bleach for a week after touching one of those signs. :^0

      do you get the feeling i'm not happy with this particular sprawl of a suburb? ;-p

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