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  •  well, still have the mysterious fever. (7+ / 0-)

    it makes an appearance at the same time of day every day and leaves at about 8 am so i have a couple of hours to enjoy.  i know what time it shows up so i try to get up very early in order to get things done before it gets out of hand.  heck, i'm even combing my hair, wearing makeup again, and (flumpty's going to love this) wearing scents.  

    thank you, you're right, we did both have fun.  miss lee doesn't like the heat any more than i.  her black fur just soaks it up and it makes her tired and sleepy, but she doesn't want to sleep in the sun.  too hot for her.  i know, from research, that if i'm uncomfortable with the weather so is my dog since we spend a lot of time in the temperature controlled big kennel (house).

    she can hardly wait to get in the pool though.  i have to take her to petsmart for a life jacket.  she swims wonderfully, but with one of those jackets she can be tethered to a very long lead and controlled or helped if need be.  torre will also begin his pool training.  he'll use Miss Dee's (maysherestinpeace) jacket.  it's too big for Miss Lee.

    have a new pain doc, so, hopefully, within the next few weeks all the new meds (one is being compounded) will kick in.  also, will be starting a new regimen of physical therapy next week.  that's usually my answer to "you need surgery" LOL.

    so happy to hear about your bike riding!  i know it makes you very happy and therefore makes us all happy.  

    all in all, i'm learning to live better with the pain and, like i said, the new pain doc might even work out.  we'll see.

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