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View Diary: The REAL Conservative Case Against Gay Marriage (71 comments)

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    I "assaulted" men and women by getting into the mindset of men who are against gays because they see the idea of "butt sechs" between men as revolting and they believe all gay men want to fuck them, and they have no problem with any of the things they have problems with consenting gay men doing to each other because THEY like doing those sorts of things as long as they get to stay on the "doling out" side.

    Yes.  How very, very, assaulty of me.

    weep weep weep weep weep

    (Please let me know if more contrition is required for your lack of ability to comprehend satire written by someone who agrees with equality for all people?)

    12 years with Parkinson's disease made me retire, but it didn't stop me. Visit my home page at The Ex-Examiner Examines the News.

    by Bill Schmalfeldt on Sun May 20, 2012 at 04:07:17 AM PDT

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