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  •  I'm so sorry... (8+ / 0-)

    Being so completely unsupported by your father sucks. I'm so sorry yours is being so blindly dogmatic, so dominated by his faith (and whether the subject is overtly religious or 'just' political, they treat it as a matter of faith, not reason) that it overwhelms even his love for you and his responsibility to support you.

    My father's not right-wing, but he's not speaking to me right now for unrelated reasons. It hurts beyond anything I could have imagined. I hope, for your sake, that you can repair your relationship with the human being even if you'll never be able to get through to him about his beliefs. Because, if changing him is not an option, having him be a right-wing dogmatist and still a loving part of your life is probably better than having him be a right-wing dogmatist and not part of your life. Probably. Only you can make that decision, and I can understand if you decide you're so tired of this that you don't want to deal with him. But, speaking as someone who doesn't have the option of having a loving father, I urge you to think carefully before going that path -- it's long, dark, and lonely.

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