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  •  My mother is a winger (7+ / 0-)

    she does not get that I don't care, she is old,  and I love her anyway.  Since I own her house we have a few interactions a month.

    Last time I was there, she yelled at me 'Socialist', and I'm like yeah, I'm like  feed the hungry, house the poor, heal the sick, Jesus stuff and we can afford it, we don't HAVE to have more spending on the military than all the rest of the world combined, we could like spend only more than the top ten military countries combined, and feed a lot more people, and stop killing people and it would be all good.  

    She's like 'Socialist' , you have odd ideas.'

    Me, 'Yeah, well, I don't think the government should be in our bed room, in our bathroom, in our personal decisions, and I think that the government should invest in education the same way it invests in transportation. Society gets what it invests.'

    She's like ' EDUCATION!!! I don't want to pay for nobody's college education.  

    Me.  'Yeah, back in the day a high school education could get one a wood shop or a car shop or tool and die maker eduction as well as a seamstress (that would be me, I fly a sewing machine for a living) and a cook a living wage.  My  husband was in the first computer major at UC Berkeley.  In his class (1972) were the founders of Adobe,  the gurus of Microsoft (Jim Grey),  and many more.  Their cost per semester under Edward Brown (father of the current), ... 0 zip, nada .  All they had to pay for were books and the student center.  Cast your bread upon water and. . . . .

    "Conservatives care from conception to crowning." VetGrl " It's just a matter of time before the Republicans realize the Ten Commandments are "regulations."" TriassicSands

    by sailmaker on Sat May 19, 2012 at 01:00:43 AM PDT

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