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View Diary: Billionaire donors drive anti-teacher, pro-testing education reform agenda (213 comments)

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    I'll base your hypothetical swamp of incompetent teachers against the incompetents in any other comparable job base any day, any time.

    Anyone still in teaching is there in spite of the almost-daily efforts to drive him or her out of the business. Most teachers are working under frozen salaries (my grade-level chair is working for a first-year teacher's salary, as he entered the profession during the first year of salary freezes; obviously he's continued to progress even though he's making the same amount he made his first day on the job). The responsibilities have skyrocketed, and the amount of time spent undergoing additional training is horrific ("common core" alone demanded probably 100 unpaid man-hours from me this year). We must justify every single thing we do, because unlike in Finland, our judgment counts for nothing -- in fact, most often we're assumed to be either ignorant or actively lying about anything and everything, from our reports of a child's misbehavior to our analysis of why Johnny isn't reading at grade level. Our health care benefits have been slashed every year, sometimes twice a year, for nearly a decade now. (I had better insurance in 1989 than I do now.) Every day brings with it the potential of a criminal complaint filed by a kid who decides that claims of racism or sexual harassment are just the thing to balance the failing grade I recorded; I'm assumed guilty unless I can provide eyewitnesses (usually more kids) who didn't see me do what the kid in question said I did. A parent's judgment trumps my own in every aspect of my profession. So does yours. So does the wino who spends his afternoons barfing all over his shoes. We battle against claims of teaching kids to be Commies, homosexuals, liberals, witches, terrorists, you name it, all day every day. (Remember when conservatives were screaming that public schools were "temples of darkness"? I do. I imagine they're still screaming about it.)

    We're in the profession because we're committed to teaching our children, no matter what the obstacles. We've weathered the wars and survived the weeding-out processes. So bring your little sniveling claims about "all those incompetent teachers" on. We'll measure up as good or better than the employees in any other profession you care to name.

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