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View Diary: UPDATE III - 3 NATO Activists Charged with Terror Plot After Posting Video of Police Harassment (179 comments)

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    I live about two city blocks from where they were picked up and have lived here my entire life.  Chicago Police can be pricks, there's no doubt about it, but my inclination is to believe that these guys were idiots of the highest order.  In fact it's been super depressing watching a lot of the protestors (from those that walked in our neighborhood earlier in the week to those who have been interviewed on the news...particularly the live interviews that have been conducted.)

    Most of the protestors look like uneducated idiots.  Rolling their eyes when someone talks, or dropping their jaw in a middle school teacher this is the sort of phony, disingenuous crap I see every day from some of my students.

    Watching a girl caked in make-up wearing expensive clothes with her face half hidden behind a kerchief babbling and repeating talking points with no connection to what the protest is supposed to be about.  Painful....

    Sorry for the digression...but it was really upsetting to see some of these people being propped up as symbols of the progressive movement.  I wonder if any of them even know what the acronym NATO stands for...

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