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View Diary: UPDATE III - 3 NATO Activists Charged with Terror Plot After Posting Video of Police Harassment (179 comments)

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  •  UPDATE III, last I thnk for this one (0+ / 0-)

    UPDATE III: Updates have been incorporated into the main diary, many thanks to all for great research and insight which makes an unbelievable de facto research department.  Last major additions to the diary:

    - Defendant's counsel now says that gasoline-filled bottles were planted by undercovers mentioned in indictment, asserting more than entrapment, blatant evidence-planting.

    - The question has been nagging me: Why did defense release photo of home brew kit?  What did that have to do with anything?  Answer: The attorneys released photos of home brew beer making equipment only after charges were handed down alleging the filling of beer bottles with gasoline.  Home brewers often use clean, empty beer bottles and reusable caps to store and refrigerate finished beer.  A good attorney can see where this is headed on the stand:

    - "Were you filling beer bottles, Mr. X?"  

    - "Yes, but..."

    - "Thank you Mr. X, that will be all."

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