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View Diary: Gulf Watchers Block Party - What Unique Place Names Lurk Where You Live? (and some music...) (161 comments)

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  •  Well, Preserved Fish is the name of a man (6+ / 0-)

    who lived in a home down the street from my apt. and who is buried in a cemetery two streets in back of my apt. It is rumored that he was given some other name, like Sam Fish, but that he fell into the Hudson River from a boat and was rescued and thereafter named Preserved Fish. i don't know if this rumor is true but I have been fascinated with him since my early days in NYC. I often take a little walk to say hello to him at the graveyard.

    There is a little bit of info on him farther down in this article:

    and this, which completely shoots my romantic story about his name to hell:

    and, this, which is the BEST article about him:

    OH!! His noble brow!!

    "Southern nights have you ever felt a southern night?" Allen Toussaint ~~Remember the Gulf of Mexico~~

    by rubyr on Sun May 20, 2012 at 04:13:21 PM PDT

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    •  Wow... and I understand the name better (5+ / 0-)
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      rubyr, DawnN, nomandates, SoCalHobbit, bmcphail

      with the explanation. Sort of like Increase Mather or Judge Learned Hand.

      We have Learned, Mississippi (Learn - id) also. But I don't know exactly how "learned" it could be...until recently being the home of one of our local resident bigoted assholes, Richard Barrett, may he NOT be resting in peace...

      "In other words, if we bust our butts, there's an even chance things will get better; and if we sit on our butts, there's a major chance things will go completely to hell". --- G2geek

      by Lorinda Pike on Sun May 20, 2012 at 04:26:45 PM PDT

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