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View Diary: Want to win the WI Recall? Make sure this story goes as wide as humanly possible (251 comments)

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  •  The trick to this is to this (10+ / 0-)

    Is to bring it up and then let them find the facts. This is really important. Do not spoonfeed them. Just point them in the right direction and let them work those smart phones for themselves. Tell them to google barret dear czar and texas. Sit back and watch the eyes fall out, and the jaws drop. Most of us know the stages of grief. These men went straight to rage. Out of 12 men 6 of them were mad enough to call Scotty a traitor and were going to vote Barret now.  The of the other six 4 were not convienced and will vote for walker. The last two are no longer sure they will even vote. The discussion was "spirited" when I left that evening and looked like there was going to be follow up research.
    This is the most fun I've had in years.

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