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  •  Let me try to explain... (6+ / 0-)

    Deer are a 'resource' managed by the state ("DNR" agency).. the state manages the herd mainly by tweaking the hunting license structure - some years, there are more "doe permits" because killing a female deer has a greater impact on  population/ reproduction..  bow and arrow season may last shorter or longer, and multiple permits may even be granted to hunters when the population is too high.  

    The thing is, you are allowed to hunt on private and public land, and the agency controls the licensing.  What this guy likes is to ban hunting on public lands (actually, preferably sell the public lands, to forestry interests or now "game camp" companies).  You'd pay one of these companies for the right to hunt on their land.  If you own your own land or get permission from friends to hunt on their land, then the licensing structure would still be eliminated or tweaked in such a way as to maximize profit for the special interests.

    The "game farms" would engage in things that are currently not legal on public lands, like baiting deer to make them easier to shoot (and offer deer cleaning services, etc.)  This can be used to make deer hunting seem more "accessible" to out-of-state tourists (probably targeted to Chicagoans who haven't hunted before due to the hassle of, you know, waiting all morning for a deer  to walk by your tree stand and not having a guide).

    For the poor, formerly middle class of Wisconsin (ie. paper mill workers, as I can relate from my childhood), this means of sport but also feeding the family will be put out of reach for those who have no lands or friends' lands to hunt on.

    I grew up on Wisconsin venison, so much so that when I was out on my own cooking ground beef for the first time I called my mom because I didn't understand why the meat was forming a grease puddle as it cooked.  My dad bought 80 (cheap) acres of woods just for deer hunting and firewood, when I was older.  He hunted public lands and relatives' parcels before then.

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