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  •  So did I, for most of my life. (14+ / 0-)

    I know this is not true at all anymore -- if it ever was.

    I believe in the old maxim that we are a nation ruled by law and governed by people.
    Ruled by law?  It depends on who you are and who you know.

    Governed by people?  Maybe in certains towns, cities, or counties.  By and large now we're governed by money.  Those who have large amounts of money do the governing.


    As a liberal, I cannot abide when I see the complete vilification of police officers.
    And as a liberal, for me, I cannot abide when I see the complete disregard for the law when police hurt peaceful citizens.  If the cop(s) were acting on their own volition and were made to pay for breaking the law, that's one thing.  That's the way it should work since there are always "bad apples" in every group and if the law was being followed, they would be weeded out and rightfully so.

    But when it's systemically accepted if not encouraged by their superiors and their superiors and their superiors, that is not acceptable.

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