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  •  i find it tragic (5+ / 0-)

    that americans accept that any dissent will be met with violence and arrests, nearly always illegally and in ways that do not stand up in court, simply because the state finds them inconvenient.

    why should someone protesting nonviolently be arrested, much less physically abused, for exercising a constitutionally protected right? why shouldn't they protest unlawful police measures? when the shit went down on my campus, it turned out that the students were in the legal right and the university was issuing illegal orders? why welcome acts of crime, just because they're committed by police officers?

    •  Not talking about police crimes or unjust arrests (0+ / 0-)

      I am talking about acts of civil disobedience specifically intended to provoke arrest.  In some sense, the arrest is the point, to demonstrate the injustice of the law or the situation that has led to the act of civil disobedience.   To then try to negate the arrest goes against that point.

      Oh well.  Perhaps people have forgotten all that...

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