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View Diary: Catholic bishops coordinate lawsuits against Obama administration over birth control mandate (147 comments)

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  •  John XXIII died (8+ / 0-)

    my senior year in high school.  I was in a catholic school and already beginning my path away from the church. I still went to church, communion, the whole thing and I convinced myself over and over that god would guide me.   I loved what John XXIII had done.  He FINALLY took away the fears instilled by some of the extreme catholics...fears of pagan babies dying and never being allowed in heaven; fears of my parents going to hell because they were not buying into it and egads, my mother, a textile factory worker five long days a week did "servile" work on Sundays to keep us clean, fed, and our uniform blouses ironed, white and starched.  My dad rarely went to confession and communion and I feared for his soul despite the fact that he was a great and loving dad, a good husband who never drank or cheated.

    Then in college, freshman year, in American Lit, I had to read "Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God" Jonathan Edwards.  It scared me and freaked me out and I knew if this god of theirs was so damned mean, and needed such loyalty; if "God fearing" was their way, I wanted no part of it and my path to agnosticism began.

    So now many years later, I remain convinced that no one can know who or what god is, or what is after death.
    But today, listening to Dolan, I found myself wishing there was a hell.....for I truly believe these horrid, hateful cardinals will be in the ring of hell designated by Dante for the hypocrites, the sanctimonious ones.   I believe this Pope and the last Pope had it all wrong.  But to me, the American Council of Bishops are the worst of the worst.  

    Seriously, their pompous nasty treatment of women, their denial of truth, their refusal to follow Jesus, a historical figure who railed against the Pharisees, and instead be the Pharisees, has me convinced these men compromised by the dark side of spirituality.

    And oh yea, someone ought to remind Dolan, Jesus actually mentioned "gluttony" as a sin while he never mentioned homosexuality or birth control or abortion.

    •  I also walked away from the Church when (1+ / 0-)
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      I graduated Catholic grade school in '66.  It's something I never regretted, I flirted with a Lutheran church and ran from a fundie group when they tried telling me dinosaurs were a trick of Satan after my 1st week there.  What always got me about the Catholic teaching was "you should own a Bible but read it sparingly, we'll exolain it to you."  When I finally read it and saw all of the errors & repetition in the text, and saw the actions of a supposedly kind merciful God, that was it for me.

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