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View Diary: NC Pastor: Lock all the "lesbians and queers" inside an electrified fence and let them die out (176 comments)

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    Ya know, this isn't rocket science. You can tell your congregation to go vote for the right person. You can tell your congregation to go vote for the person who most reflects your "values." You can say don't vote for the wrong person, or don't vote for the one who doesn't reflect your values. You can whip up whatever type of voting frenzy around the wedge issue of your choice that floats your boat. There's nothing coded about this-everyone in the pews of these churches knows exactly who is being talked about.

    But you CANNOT advocate FOR or AGAINST a specific candidate or political party. It's spelled out pretty clearly in the rules. Hopefully, the rules will apply to this preacher.

    Nobody is normal because everyone is different- my eight year old daughter

    by left rev on Mon May 21, 2012 at 02:03:55 PM PDT

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