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View Diary: Cory Booker Just May Have Done President Obama a Favor (138 comments)

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  •  The Obama campaign attacking Harold Ford (3+ / 0-)

    Would be like Floyd Mayweather challenging me to a boxing match.

    They aren't punishing him because he's a nothing and a nobody. They would only elevate him and his critique by attacking him.  Hell, if Booker wasn't on MTP, I'd almost say the same for him. Almost.

    You don't punch down in politics. Harold Ford works at Merrill Lynch right now because his national political career was a joke. Everything the guy does is phony and everybody knows it. I know people think that its shocking he was even competitive in that '06 senate race, but he should have had that election in the bag. His shameless airport stunt confronting Corker was so amateurish and weasely that it validated the notion in most people's minds that he was manufactured in Washington to win a race in Tennessee. He is a spent political force. If he wans't Morning Joe Scarborough's favorite psuedo-Democrat, nobody would even give him air time. His name isn't even worthy of rolling off David Axelrod's tongue.

    •  You are very right, I have watched him for years (0+ / 0-)

      I think he also was chair of DLC until it disintegrated.

      Punching down would be an understatement :)

      Let's not forget Evan Bayh, he hasn't made headlines but Fox news will exact their blood through his contract.

      Fortunately for us, he's not nearly as bright as Ford, but is tied at the hip to Third Way lobby group and Mark Penn.

      Hopefully on that silly show he is on, a good dem will slip in and clown him on his infamous pedicures.

    •  All true (0+ / 0-)

      And besides, having to kiss Joe Scarborough's ass daily is punishment enough.

      I make fun of Current a lot, but it doesn't extend to the Bill Press show.  

      "If Obama offends you so much that you consider him irredeemable, then become a Green and go somewhere else, because you're pretty much hopeless and a waste of everyone else's time here." - Kos 5/17/12

      by Rustbelt Dem on Tue May 22, 2012 at 05:47:16 PM PDT

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