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  •  Banks suck (2+ / 0-)
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    kurt, Sychotic1

    Let's see... There's the bank that didn't suggest that my friend close her bank account when her wallet was stolen. And then let someone, without ID, cash a check, for cash, at a bank branch for thousands.

    There's the friend who lost $$ because someone accessed her account to pay multiple Verizon bills for multiple different people. Long hard fight to get the money back and she was told that the FBI thought it was an inside job.

    Then there's the friend who also lost money because her account was used to pay someone's cable bills. The bank "couldn't help" and "couldn't help" until magically my friend's mom went to her local branch, complained to the manager, and somehow that manager could magically do what another branch, and corporate, couldn't?

    Yeah, banks suck.

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