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    kurt, Sychotic1

    Nice that the cops actually showed up! Even more... nice to see they didnt arrest YOU for disturbing the bank's criminal enterprise or something!

    I gave up on big banks. I had initially been at a small bank, but they were bought out by Bank of America. WORST bank EVER. I'm a peaceful person usually, but B of A's executives and main stockholders need to be brought out to sea and pushed off the plank! They messed up my account so often... it was insane!

    When I finally had the opportunity to move my accounts to a credit union, I did. SO happy with my accounts now! No "missing" money, no convieniently "Lost" deposits, no unexpected withdraws and fee's, no more outrageous fees! NO more accounts they refuse to close (it took B of A more than a year to close an account that I had gone into the bank and signed off to close.)

    I will never go with a "bank" again. Nor will my kids. Matter in fact, I just opened my daughter's first checking and savings account.... at the credit union. They were wonderful!

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