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View Diary: Iowa GOP proposes the batsh!t craziest party platform you've ever seen, stunning work of idiocy (170 comments)

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  •  Getting Rid of Government (11+ / 0-)
    We support the abolition of the IRS.
    This is a favorite Steve King crazy statement. Even the nuts think there's a need for the military. Without an agency to collect revenue, how would it be funded? FairTax, flat tax, or whatever, there still needs to be an IRS to collect the tax.
    •  Those Right Wingers - What Will They Think Of (0+ / 0-)

      next? They want to get rid of the agency that busted Al Capone? The Feds couldn't pin any murders on public enemy number 1, but the IRS got him on tax evasion. Speaking of tax evasion, if there is no IRS, there is no tax collection enforcement agency to make sure everyone is paying the money needed to fund the military. Want to guess how many people WON'T be paying ANY taxes then?? I know, the right wingers are just going to say "abolish the income tax" and replace it with (take your pick) a national sales tax, or a value added tax, etc. that you pay when you buy something. Then you CAN'T avoid paying taxes. HA, HA, HA!! Guess those righties  never heard of the underground/black market where you don't have to pay any national sales/excise/value added tax, especially when there will be no IRS to enforce anything.

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