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View Diary: Iowa GOP proposes the batsh!t craziest party platform you've ever seen, stunning work of idiocy (170 comments)

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  •  OOoooo 2 more gems in this "platform" (13+ / 0-)

    Check out these "planks"

    We support a landlord's right to refuse to lease property and a business owner's right to refuse service based on moral grounds.


    We oppose the unconstitutional concept of a "hate crime" since it is an attempt to criminalize the reasonable actions of persons who oppose the granting of "special status" or "priveleges" to defined classes of people.

    Let me guess....we find you Kenyan Muslims, and blacks, and gays, to be immoral so we don't have to let you at the drinking fountain or on the bus....

    And we find your actions to be perfectly reasonable if you lynch, beat, shoot, or rape, any blacks, homos, women or other defined classes of people since you oppose granting them special status.


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