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View Diary: Debate Over Two Visions of Capitalism Has One Clear Winner (29 comments)

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  •  agreed. I see a problem with the future tense (3+ / 0-)
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    though not in this post, which is utterly convincing to anyone open to convincing by facts (and therefore no good to use on Republicans except to print it out, roll it up, and hit them on the nose when they misbehave).
    Leonhart's question, "Why should we believe that extending the Bush tax cuts will provide a big lift to growth?" is badly formed. The answer is in the diary, in the history, and everywhere one looks. It is a past tense situation. Veiling that stark reality with future tenses and question marks invites the back-and-forth bullshit that turns off otherwise inquisitive people, and gives teabaggers et al the talking points they need to hide behind.
    The habitual use of the future tense when discussing the total failure of right wing economic policy is a weasel-wording cop out. Just because Romney is not president (yet-shudder) does not make it necessary or advisable for pundits or earnest reporters to evoke the future tense when examining his statements.
    Everything Romney is threatening to do if elected has already been tried, and has failed. Expensively.

    Trickle down has been a failure all three times it has been inflicted on America (for over 99% of us, of course, not the puppeteers). Tax cuts do and have done little besides bleed the treasury and redistribute wealth upwards, and have created excuses for ideologically justified cuts to good, useful programs that help all of us (100%; even the puppeteers benefit from salad with less salmonella).
    Any reduction of this to short video clips or bumperstickers needs to focus on the abysmal track record of RW policies themselves even more than the economic record of (D) presidents vs (R) presidents. Tribes don't vote against their tribal elders, and we can't expect anything more nuanced than "But Obama's a socialamalist, not a democrat!1!", thus immunizing the shouter and all sympathetic people in earshot from all the carefully laid out evidence above. It needs to send the following message in many flavors;

    We've done this before, and it was a bad idea.
    Time to stop.

    Class war has consequences, and we are living them.

    by kamarvt on Wed May 23, 2012 at 05:51:16 AM PDT

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