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View Diary: Wall Street Journal - "Obama spending binge never happened" (118 comments)

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  •  I expect Obama to try to gut social (6+ / 0-)

    security.  That's not really a debate over the direction we should take, but more of a prediction of the course he will take based on known facts.  

    Funny you should bring up social security.  Bad choice of words if you want to keep us supporting Obama.  I remember when Bush was president and he tried to gut social security, and all the Democrats in Congress stood up to him and said no.  I don't think ALL the Democrats in Congress will stand up and say no to Obama if/when he decides to compromise it away again.  In that sense, then, Social Security might have been safer under Bush than it is under Obama.  Twisted but true.

    As for rolling back Obamacare... I remember when it was called Romneycare.  And before that, it was called Dole-acare.  Republicans only oppose it because it came from Obama, not because it's socialism.  If it were, they wouldn't have been pushing for Obamacare for so many years.

    The Republican-dominated Supreme Court, however, seems to have already sharpened their knives to kill Obamacare, so we'll see if there's anything to protect, soon.  Probably not.  In which case, the only way we'll get Romneycare is if Romney passes it under a different name, I guess.

    The only thing that I can glean from all this is that we're better off with Obama so he can appoint more supreme court justices.  There hasn't been much else I can point to with any confidence.  

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