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View Diary: BBQ, Sales, and Sacrifice..Some need an education on Respect, Honor and Patriotism ! (73 comments)

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    I think I can answer candidly:

    What you say was certainly true for the Vietnam conscripts ... old men started the war, young men fought it and not many young men had the intellectual or moral equipment to resist or avoid their preordained roles.

    Of course some did ... and they were called traitors and draft dodgers, because the Military thinks it defines and owns the trademark on Honor, Patriotism, Duty, and all the other words that get intoned over soldiers graves -- and the default opinion of the Vast Majority  pretty is pretty much,  that they DO.

    But when Donald Rumsfeld created the new all-professional army ...  the decision to become an instrument of foreign policy acquired political and moral dimensions that might previously have been swept under the Patriotism rug.

    Today, when someone joins the military they WILLINGLY set aside their private conscience, politics, and opinions,  giving their bodies to whatever purpose those Old Men might happen to desire at the moment.

    Soldiering IS a difficult, dangerous and uncomfortable occupation .... as are coal mining, crab fishing, and ice road trucking.   So, I have all the pity and compassion possible for those men and women who made the decision to join the adventure and have wound up suffering the physical, moral and psychological consequences ...  just as I have pity and compassion for other victims of bad advice and foolish choices - such as convicts, addicts and prostitutes.

    But I could never encourage a youngster to  hero-worship,  much less imitate,  them.

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      I don't know what was hiderated.   But I know this comment is totally off the chain IMO.  I hate the MIC.
      Let us be clear about that,  The soldiers who are compared to crab fisherman and my husband has done that and my ex was a trucker and I met Loretta Lynn so that comes about as close to Coal Mining as I have gotten is not the same as being shot at or shooting someone.  The fear and being away from home alone is enough to make one terrified.  

      Don't pity our men and womn in uniform. They do not want or need your pity.    As far as their intellect and morals....that is an insult.  Most you say?
      Have you ever been shot at?  Some of the bravest people in the world did not know their duty station and the military is not the Boy can't drop out when you feel like it,  Young people are impressionable and did sign up for things they were told by a recruiter but then we are at the MIC again... and many would never ever have any education at all if not for the GI Bill.  

      I have respect and these men and women deserve respect if they served honorably.   Comparing them to addicts and prostitutes wins no favor with me not that you care I am sure but you are in my diary.  

      Candidly I think you are full of shit.  You know not what you speak about and I suggest you not try using your candid remarks here because I have no patience for it.
      You are entitled to opinion but I don't have to put up with your so called candid self.  You want to think of people who laid down their lives in WWII or other wars and stood vigil and defenders of the constitution as something dirty and filithy then go spew that ignorance somewhere else..NOT HERE.  Enjoy your barbecue while you enjoy it ....ever wonder if you would even have the freedom to eat if not for someone shedding blood for your right to take a bite.

      LEAVE.....You probably set off triggers and I will not put up with that  on any diary I write.  


      We the People have to make a difference and the Change.....Just do it ! Be part of helping us build a veteran community online. United Veterans of America

      by Vetwife on Wed May 23, 2012 at 03:50:32 PM PDT

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