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View Diary: BBQ, Sales, and Sacrifice..Some need an education on Respect, Honor and Patriotism ! (73 comments)

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    And, God bless them for their ignorance for what the day represents.
    And I was a military brat & 'nam vet's wife.

    I think that many who celebrate Memorial Day or Veteran's Day holidays (or for that matter labor day) have never served or know anyone who has served in time of war.  

    My own adult children have & show respect but cannot truly relate-despite having a parent & grandparents & great grandparents who served in time of war-whether on foot, a horse or in the air.

    As a youngster, I did not "get it" despite being immersed in the military culture during times of conflict.  

    Until I babysat for a POW's family...then a MIA's family..attended services for my daddy's peers killed in action...held the hand of a screaming active duty person only a few years older than myself as his charred body was being debrided...assisted & befriended the young vietnamese woman being treated by our military hospital who had lost her ears, her nose & most of her face (probably by our napalm..)...

    Seeing ex classmates & boyfriends & the kids I babysat for come home in a flag draped box or missing vital human parts, with PTSD finally finding peace by self immolating or self medicating or just totally detaching...  

    These experiences & more-by the time I was 18-enabled me to "get it" in a way that my own children never will. Thankfully.

    Me- I will remember those mentioned above, those not mentioned & the countless I will never know of- just as I have done for over 40 years.  With respect, with appreciation, with soul sorrow & with a fury that never dims.  

    Every. Day.  

    No flags or parades or bbq or sales required.

    Every day and in every way that I can to help ensure that the need for a Memorial Day or a Veteran's Day is eradicated from the face of this earth.  

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