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View Diary: Gallup poll on abortion shows 'pro-lifers' are hypocrites (114 comments)

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    I have spent the past year being swayed from my life-long "pro-life" position to one of "pro-choice", to the horror of my staunchly Catholic mother and aunt (who mean the world to me).  Why?  Because I felt that the Right was waging an unfair War Against Women.  I have been watching our rights challenged as they threaten to erode around us.  The idea that doctors would legally be allowed (even encouraged) to lie to women, to put our health at risk; that we can be raped and not have it named rape; that we will not be paid equally for the equal work...  It has all been too much!  I have not abandoned my personal beliefs in the sanctity of human life.  I would still never choose abortion for myself, no matter what.  But, as always, I can put myself in the position of a women who has been raped (as I have been), or a woman who has just found out her child will be severely developmentally challenged, or a woman whose own life will be in danger should she carry her pregnancy to term.  And I don't envy them their choice, so I won't try to make it for them, or impose my judgement on them, just pass on my sympathy.  And, for the record, I am opposed to the death penalty and would love nothing more than to see an end to the needless loss of lives that the senseless wars we wage cost.  To sum it up: I am no hypocrite!  I thought maybe if I embraced the "pro-choice" way of thinking I would find the open-mindedness I had been missing from the pro-life movement...  Boy was I wrong, as you have clearly demonstrated.  

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      I've never stood outside an abortion clinic taunting anyone...  In fact, most of the people who I know who call themselves "pro-life" have never taken part in any demonstrations or protests.

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      you can educate your mom and aunt.   If you haven't already talk to them about what you wrote above.   Immorality is not in a word, it is in a person's actions.  Start pointing out to them, as gently as possibe, the immorality of politicians and of the Catholic Church.   Maybe you can persuade them at least a little bit....

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