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View Diary: Gallup poll on abortion shows 'pro-lifers' are hypocrites (114 comments)

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    of course, only a minority oppose abortion. once again, most of america is too complacent to fight back those who would take away womens' rights. we need to start speaking up. we need to start defending women again. like the article reveals, their numbers are small compared to ours. yet we let them have free rein when it comes to legislating rules enforcing their snide moralities.

    get busy, write in to sites like this, the daily kos, yahoo news, social sites, ltte's, phone calls to elected officials, boycotts, money to daily kos and move on and The Obama Reelection Campaign, talking up womens' rights with our neighbors, friends and family in private and at get togethers. let's start taking OUR america back for a change

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