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View Diary: Stockman: Romney and Bain Were About Stripping Cash Out Of Companies For Themselves, Not About Jobs (179 comments)

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    When vulture capitalists took over the airline industry, pocketed the retirement money and threw the employees into the government program paying 30 cents on the dollar, no one noticed.  That was a canary.  Now Walker is going after government unions and even Obama does not like government unions although he won't say it now that the election is coming up.  Another canary.  There was a time when there were pensions in the US, but no pot of money is safe anymore including social security/FICA funds.  No ethics.  No honesty.  And people actually believe whatever crime the company owner commits is ok because that is just business.  Sad.  What does it take for a business to commit a crime and actually get deserved blowback?

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