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View Diary: My Favorite Authors: Stephen King, his Vampires, and the Meaning of Fear (163 comments)

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    with the most execellent description of a bicycle and ride down a big hill right?  
     My first King was Carrie when i was in high school.   I agree with the Stand being the best, then a tie between the shining and salems lot.    His characters and the music just kept me drawn in and i liked him a lot.
      I saw his house in Bangor, the exterior is blood red big old house complete with scary wrought iron fantasy figured fence.   And i had Dance Macabre years ago.   Haven't read much for a while, not the newer stuff.    He gives a lot of money back to his town and bought out a winger radio station and i think its liberal now.
      And whom ever wrote a few lines above, funny cause i remembered them.  And i also really like Garcia-Marquez for 100 yrs/ solitude as well.  And still remember bits of that vividly 30 some yrs later.

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