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View Diary: Good News WI RECALL: DNC Sends Out Mass Fundraising Email For Barrett (121 comments)

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  •  I don't mind the squawking for funds. (0+ / 0-)

    Or even rants about National Political Sub Groups.
    Or their arguably compromised or less than competent
    administrators and public relations spokespersons.

    How do rants, against those who might
    be able to help, work to elect Tom Barrett?
    Do they GOTV for the down ticket candidates?

    I generally admire and respect and support
    those who have taken part in in this struggle
    to turn back this assault on everyone's future.

    I don't comment very often, but I feel that "some"
    of these "critiques" are flat out destructive and
    counter productive. If the goal is to win in two weeks.
    Do I have you dead to rights in agreement with that?
    Or do you have another better goal or agenda that
    you might wish to share with everyone else here?

    I am not criticizing past efforts, or you, unless
    you find that you fit into my narrowly defined
    descriptions of "some".  Nor did I accuse anyone
    of sitting on their thumbs, or being less than wise,
    or uncreative. The one link I provide represents one
    of the very few I have seen here who has not held back
    his criticism, but leavens it with useful and pro active
    information that others can use in service of 'the cause'.
    Another story openly mocked this solicitation email,
    but did not even include a link to donate to anyone,
    until some one thoughtfully reminded the author.
    I only mentioned a blogathon as it seems like an idea
    that might help GOTV at a critical time before the elections.

    If the coach of a sporting 'team' had 'some'
    of the players openly and or publicly criticizing
    others on their team, regardless of the merits
    or truth, what would you suggest that the coach do?

    I am not the coach. Or the QB. Or the ref. Just another
    observer in the stands watching as the play unfolds.

    Please feel free to ignore and not address the actual well
    sourced issue that I was responding to in the first place.
    It is so much easier to play like I insulted your intelligence.

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