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  •  We often look for an ideal. (1+ / 0-)
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    We look for perfection rather than a man, or, as the future may yet inform us, a woman.
    But I saw President Kennedy give his speech on the Cuban missile crisis live. I also know today a man who told me of his duty in Florida at the time, when he was one of the fully armed troops who stood combat ready for four hours in rotation, replaced by the next  "locked and loaded" combat troops, and so on, thus ensuring an American invasion force was prepared to invade Cuba.
    To hear President Kennedy tell the nation, and the world, on live television of our commitment to a "full retaliatory response" (meaning world nuclear war) was the most frightening moment of that time. Much later, in reading the minute-by-minute detail of just how close we came to world nuclear war, well, as President Kennedy said to his brother Robert at one point in the crisis: "I guess this is the week I get to earn my paycheck."

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