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View Diary: Florida begins MASSIVE voter purge in early bid to steal Presidency before elections (227 comments)

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  •  Not to mention the DVD that the republican (1+ / 0-)
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    party sent out to all voters in Florida and other swing states.  I never watched the whole thing because I was furious!  It was nothing but a propaganda piece anti islam.  It was totally disgusting.  I know it came from the reps. because of the way it was addressed.  I happen to know others that noticed the same thing.  My state id has my first, middle, and last name.  My medicare etc has my first, my maiden name initial, and last name.  My voters reg. has my first, middle name intial, and last name.  It was addressed the same as my voters reg.  I do know that it was sent to all residents that were registered voters in this county.  Also I know it went to voter in PA and MI.  I was only able to find one reference online about it.  It confirmed what I suspected.  BTW this was in 08.

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