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View Diary: The War on Women takes its toll on Mitt Romney's fundraising (31 comments)

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    You should have seen the discussion I had with my wife last night.  She grew up in Tito-era Belgrade, where Socialism, while often a pain in the ass, was also a lot more enlightened than in the Soviet Union.

    I told her that there is a bill before Congress that guarantees women equal pay for equal work.  The look of incredulity on her face when I told her that the Republicans, the party of Mitt Romney, were actually AGAINST this bill, was precious.  Like she couldn't believe that there were politicians so extreme that they'd have a reason NOT to want women to be guaranteed this basic item of fairness.

    She asked me, "what are their objections", and when I started to explain, she was kind of dumbfounded.  I later saw her sitting at her computer reading some story on TPM or something about the equal pay for women bill and it was like every so often she needs to be reminded that the US, which is a country she just loves (we were both crying the day she took the oath of citizenship) still has a long way to go to catch up with places like Serbia, for chrissake, in a lot of ways.

    Needless to say, there is nothing that would make her vote for a Republican now.  And our daughter, who will be voting for the first time in this election, man, it goes double for her.  

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