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View Diary: Rand Paul says mislabeled bad milk is Free Speech, accurate FDA label laws are censorship (137 comments)

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  •  Why I can't be a Senator (2+ / 0-)
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    Imagine for a moment, that Rand's speech on this was on my first day as a Senator.  My response would be something on the order of this:

    Mr. President, thank you.  It would seem that my colleague from Kentucky has truly lost all sense of well, sense.  IN short, Senator, my question to you is, is this an act to get attention, or are you really batshit insane and expect people to go back 120 years and eat food with no safety regulations or content listings?

    If it is the latter, I can only imagine that you, and your even loonier father, are truly insane and mentally incompetent to serve in such august body at the US Senate.

    On a personal level, I do believe that you really are nuts.  Not like, "Oh, he's just nuts...makes me laugh."  No sir, you are a danger to the American people, and probably yourself and your family.  I ask you, do you serve your children unpasteurized milk?  Do you give them medicines that haven't been tested by the FDA?  Do you really think there are FDA police?  Maybe they are in cohoots with the secret FEMA police and they share concentration camps where they'll put you and yours who don't like the FDA.  Maybe they'll lock up the cows also who provide the unpasteurized milk.  

    I heard that they only serve prune juice that can't cure constipation.

    Sir, with all due respect, which really isn't much at all, I think you are out of your fucking mind.  The only thing constipated here is your brains, or whatever mush your anti-Semitic father filled your sorry little head with.

    In short, you're an asshole.

    Thank you Mr. President.  I yield the floor.

    I'd be expelled on day one.

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