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View Diary: The most successful netroots primary you never heard of, and what we can learn from it (120 comments)

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  •  Perhaps You Don't Recall That Democrats (0+ / 0-)

    are not remotely an antiwar party though many Democratic liberals are even genuine pacifists.

    Over and over we find the Democratic Party establishment fighting tooth and and nail against liberals and in the case of Lamont even backing a hack disavowed by his own party's voters.

    This is a great diary and a great rejoinder from you, Lenny, but I still get chills when told that rural areas will only elect wingers.

    Populists still have a great attraction, particularly in rural areas.

    Molly Ivins is beginning to fade from memory but she was a true populist and a frequent contributor to The Progressive, the voice of the now fringe Progressives whose very name has been co-opted by conservative Democrats afraid of being called liberal.

    Such people do yet win elections when they have a mind to do so but are not popular among today's Democratic city slickers.

    Best,  Terry

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