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View Diary: Curt Schilling's game studio effectively bankrupt; lays off entire staff (207 comments)

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  •  There is potential for MMOs to become a more (0+ / 0-)

    intregal part of our culture, but I guess that's something for business-types to be concerned about. There is still no evidence to support it could happen, given that no MMO has reproduced WoW's numbers.

    You can split people who play games into two categories: people who play games once in awhile, and actual real gamers who have it as a large part of their life.

    Real gamers are already playing MMOs like crazy. We are a minority, and are mostly if not completely tapped out. I don't think our numbers can be grown, just shifted around.

    If the objective is, WoW or Farmville style, to attract "non-gamer gamers," I'm not exactly sure how you are going to entice them and make gaming part of our general culture, like how it is in South Korea. Other than WoW and Farmville, no games have even really come close out here. Well, that and the Wii gimmick with the motion controller.

    But if it can be achieved, yeah, big money there. Frankly I'm more interested in good gameplay than big money, though.

    •  funny story (1+ / 0-)
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      years ago I was one of the first people outside of Blizzard playing Wow, I was friends with one of the developers so I was in the first stages of their alpha friends and family testing.  Anyway after my first day of playing my buddy logged on and we grouped and talked as he showed me things.

       I said to him, you know you got that certain "it" here, this is gonna be huge, I said, your gonna have a million plus subscribers in no time. ( Now remember at this time the bar was set by eq, daoc etc at around 300k)

      He laughed, we jumped on vent talked and I said again, buddy your gonna get swamped, he laughed and said, they werent even close to being ready for such numbers, and yet, the numbers far exceeded that, and they grew to match it.

      Im just saying, when someone creates a virtual world that marries say the sims with a wow, makes it a dynamic home away from home, you will see numbers that astound.

      Right now only archeage looks to be pushing the envelope hard and that will be a far east release.

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