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  •  Not going to shame me on this (0+ / 0-)

    Why should my tax dollars pay for someone who just made stupid choices?  As I said I know there are some people who are in debt through no fault of their own but there are many who aren't and no I don't think my tax dollars should bail out their dumb choices.

      •  Gee thanks. I am too stupid to know that (0+ / 0-)

        Oh wait. I am not seeing as how I said in an above post that you responded to:

        "But just because the bank bailouts were not implemented in a way that I think was fair does not mean we should compound the problem by forgiving the the debts of everyone, including those who made reckless fully informed choices."

        Two wrongs don't make a right.  I was against the way TARP was implemented without consequences for bad actors so naturally I am against any plan that gets people who knew the chances they were taking and decided to roll the dice anyway off the hook with no consequences.  

        In my opinion, NO institution or individual who made fully informed reckless choices should get bailed out without having to deal with some consequences.  Contrary to popular belief not everyone in the 99% is a hapless victim who has been taken advantage of.  Some are just people who decided that they just had to have the latest hot car even though they had a perfectly serviceable 2005 model and in order to get said hot car they indebted themselves up to their eyeballs.

        No thanks to bailing those people out without consequences just like I said no thanks to bailing the banks out without consequences.  

        •  Right, except the Banks were bailed out. So now (1+ / 0-)
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          it's a question of what to do next. And I'm saying don't bail out the banks but screw everyone else. Because

          1. It's morally wrong
          2. The debt hangover is strangling the recovery because people are producing income to pay off their debts rather than save or invest.

          However, in the abstract, if the banks failed - as the market demanded - problem would be solved. The debts would have died with them. Lenders and borrowers would be screwed as a market system dictated. In other words, you would have had your scenario.

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