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  •  Ricketts & Chicago: How to Fuck Up in 1 Step (6+ / 0-)

    Joe Ricketts has done immense damage to his children's stewardship of the Cubs and pursuit of a deal to renovate Wrigley Field. In today's Chicago Sun-Times, Laura Washington minces no words in a column that's the equivalent of a hard shot back up the middle that damn near decapitates the pitcher:

    Last week, Tom Ricketts and his emissaries phoned aldermen who are part of the Chicago City Council’s 19-member Black Caucus, as well as the Rev. Jesse Jackson of Rainbow/PUSH. On Thursday, Tom Ricketts appeared on WVON-AM (1690), the city’s only black-owned talk radio station. WVON dispatched a news release announcing the “exclusive” interview as Ricketts’ “first appearance on Chicago’s urban talk powerhouse.”

    You know folks are desperate when they start schmoozing us.

    The Rickettses also can count. They will need City Council votes to get their deal done.

    Do yourself a favor and read the entire column; it's a truly enjoyable evisceration.

    Also (too), make no mistake about us and the things are done here: A deal will be done, for Daddy Ricketts didn't kill Wrigley Field renovations -- he just exponentially increased the price his children must pay to get that deal.

    Oh, to be a fly on the wall at the next Ricketts family dinner...

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