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View Diary: GOP Rep. Thad McCotter may have failed to qualify for primary ballot in Michigan's 11th District (141 comments)

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    dougymi, AoT
    I would hope that local and national Dems will do what's necessary to ensure Taj is the nominee.
    I have nothing whatever against Taj and surely hope he wins but I have to admit my joy at learning another set of lunatics is still around in our hare-brained politics today.

    From the LaRouchie:

    There are no presidential candidates who are even remotely qualified to be President.  The incumbent, President Obama is willfully acting as an instrument for the British Empire's drive to provoke a thermonuclear war against the nations Russia and China
    That's sure a lot more endearing lunacy to any other remaining liberals in our decaying Democratic Party than the Tea Party ravings.

    Best,  Terry

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