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View Diary: Stunner! Gov’t “Secretly” Moves To Backstop Wall Street’s Derivatives Exchanges, Globally (232 comments)

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  •  We can afford to bail out the banks, but (9+ / 0-)

    we can't afford education, Social Security or Medicare.   I wish I had "pissed away" every damn dime instead of saving for my old age.  At least I'd have memories to keep me company while I lose everything and move into my cardboard box under a viaduct on 8 Mile Rd.  

    This is why nobody believes a damn word coming out of Obama's mouth, and why people don't vote.

    "bin Laden's dead, and GM is alive" ~ Biden

    by dkmich on Sun May 27, 2012 at 02:42:03 AM PDT

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    •  wallstreet is 'bailed out' with paper... (0+ / 0-)

      worthless paper with printing on it no one reads...   schools et  al need real MONEY for their bail outs and therein lies the problem.  there isnt any REAL MONEY to give them, it was all used up buying worthless paper to hand to banks

      "Orwell was an optimist"

      by KnotIookin on Sun May 27, 2012 at 06:40:19 AM PDT

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