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  •  I don't know what's worse... (4+ / 0-)
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    BruinKid, Trix, grover, rl en france

    ...that I didn't know Oklahoma had an NBA franchise, or that it obviously took four whole seasons for me to discover the 'Sonics had relocated.

    In my defense, I never was an NBA fan - but it's not like I've been living in a cave for the past 4 years either.


    This country needs a massive GOVERNOR purge.

    by here4tehbeer on Sat May 26, 2012 at 09:46:20 PM PDT

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    •  Oh, it's worth paying attention to (6+ / 0-)

      For the sheer drama as well as for what taxpayers are being forced to pay.

      The Oklahoma City group went into Seattle and had lots of meetings in secret with the Sonics leadership. The community and politicians cried foul.

      And now those same politicians and community leaders (rich businessmen) are having secret meetings with the owners of the Sacramento Kings.

      I lived in Western WA during the Sonics years and now i live in NoCal. What they protested as dirty tricks, they now employ and label "just business."

      I don't care about what team plays where. I'm a longtime NHL fan and my team (the LA Kings) isn't going anywhere.

      I do care about assessing taxes on citizens for professional sports teams when people are struggling mightily though. There was an article a while back about how when the OK team wasn't doing so well, business around the arena was suffering,  because people werent turning out but taxes had increased a lot to support the new team. Taxes arent contingent upon a winning record.

      I paid a lot of money for the new baseball field in Seattle. Baseball is fine. I have nothing against the Mariners, and some of the players have incredible charitable foundations. . I'd rather pay for prenatal care or schools though.

      This Seattle vs Sacramento (vs maybe a third city?)  NBA thing though. It's becoming a soap opera...

      © grover

      So if you get hit by a bus tonight, would you be satisfied with how you spent today, your last day on earth? Live like tomorrow is never guaranteed, because it's not. -- Me.

      by grover on Sat May 26, 2012 at 11:55:00 PM PDT

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      •  Of course another problem is what to do with the (1+ / 0-)
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        old facilities like Houston's Astrodome -- currently on "death support" to the tune of up to $3 Million per year.

        Here in Ohio the old-guard pro franchises are in Cleveland to the North and Cincinnati to the South. You could include Indianapolis to the West I suppose.

        Columbus does have its own struggling NHL team along with pretty darned good MLS and AAA baseball clubs, but around here it's still predominately Ohio State football and basketball.

        And the Aaahhhnold Classic :)

        This country needs a massive GOVERNOR purge.

        by here4tehbeer on Sun May 27, 2012 at 10:25:45 AM PDT

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