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    All you have to do is talk to the same people you persuaded to vote Obama in 2008 and their whole view of him is different.  Some will vote for him, some will not, and some have told me it does not make any difference, no one will stand for the little guy or gal.

    If you look at it, and it is cynical, I understand these views, though I would never not vote.

    Many out here are still underwater in their homes, barely making it.  We see how the median wealth for the middle class dropped 40%.  Many in their 40s, 50s who are not in retirement age have lost jobs and unable to find a job that will pay a decent wage.

    Much was done for Wall Street, but nothing, very little that people can feel and see for Main Street.

    That is why the enthusiasm level is tepid for both candidates to be frank.  Obama with these economic numbers slowly going backward have to defend his policies and people get tired of hearing, "the economy is getting better but we must do more."  If Barack Obama do not call the Republicans out for what they are dangerous, disastrous and obstructionists, how is he going to win?  And Obama must come to terms that he gave Wall Street everything, including no accountability for what they did to this country and that this has resonated out here.  I hear this all the time.

    Right now this is politics of destruction, many don't see either of these candidates making a difference, but if Obama can not get his message out here and strong he is going to have a seriously hard time in November.  That campaign need to step the fuck up on the message department and quick.

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