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  •  Can you articulate why Dem Party is so violent? (0+ / 0-)

    Meteor, I think what's pushed me so far away from the more mainstream position I had when I joined this site many years ago is that the Democratic Party embraces policy and finance proposals dedicated to continuously spreading violence throughout the world. Many, many people are ending up dead because this obsession with violence has become normalized in the Democratic Party's rhetorical milieu.

    I know you're a grizzled veteran of the interwebs, Dkos & all, so would you will be willing to articulate in a long-form article how you can tolerate engaging with this Party that has almost an occult devotion to a global, unending campaign of violence? Who can tolerate participating in a group which is building killer robots with borrowed tax dollars obtained at the threatened point of a gun?

    The whole thing is almost unspeakably terrifying, it is the Abyss which I used to think was mainly the realm of revenge-crazed Republicans.

    Many, many people who sort-of expected peace from America under the Democrats are turning up dead every day. No anarchist fires cruise missiles or covers for criminal bankers with the kind of sick grin we see on, say, Sen. Schumer's face. What are we supposed to do about this hellish quality infesting everything?? I know you're a well intentioned person so it would be great to get a sturdy answer to The Violent Democrats Question circulated properly on this venerable site. (10 yrs! dang!)

    -- Getting that special Babylon feeling

    by HongPong on Tue May 29, 2012 at 12:32:52 AM PDT

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