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View Diary: Important Melody Townsel revelation--PLEASE DISSEMINATE (355 comments)

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  •  Let them try, but we've got your back (4.00)
    In fact, let's grow your business before they even have a chance to impact it negatively. As for your life, I can't imagine anyone being less than incredibly proud to even know you.

    Melody, you are a brave and brilliant woman - your love for this country is bigger than your need to keep an aged closet door shut tight. I thank you on behalf of everybody hungry for more truth and less hubris.

    (BTW, I left my teaching post at a top-3 ranked program of a major university specifically because my department chair refused to acknowledge the verbatim plagiarism of a thesis, let alone seek consequences. That was the last straw after putting up with 8 years of him overturning my grades whenever the child of a key donor would slip below a "B". He's a Republican, of course. Reptile. They have plenty of morals, just no good ones.

    And regarding the overlooked plagiarism case above - the student involved not only lost a chance to learn from a big mistake, but because - and only because - of the chair's see-no-evil response, he graduated on time and as a result was working in the twin towers on Sept.11. Now he'll never get to learn from a mistake, and I blame the department chair, not the student, for that.)

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