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View Diary: Important Melody Townsel revelation--PLEASE DISSEMINATE (355 comments)

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  •  Does it mark her forever? (4.00)
    Seriously.  Is plagiarism such a high crime that 20 years later someone should be able to try to drag it out to discredit someone?  Even Ms. Townsel admits that what she did was wrong. There is no question of that.  We're not talking about lying under oath, taking bribes, or other crimes that might indicate a chronic liar.

    To put it another way, if you had made allegations against the bush administration, would you think it was fair for them to dredge up the fact that you smoked pot in college to discredit you?  

    And where did you get this:

    "It seems that she didn't quite learn her lesson the first time she got caught -- she continued to seek the outer boundaries of acceptable behavior in order to step on the backs of others toward the top."

    What the hell does that mean?  If you're not trolling, then please explain the justification for this statement.

    •  It's what she wrote (none)
      When I was in college, 22 years ago, I plagiarized some columns while working for my college newspaper, and I was removed from staff. Months later, while working for another college newspaper, I wrote a review for a local play that tracked closely in format to another writer's review -- and, although it was not plagiarized, it made my editors, who had become aware of my recent past, very uncomfortable, and we mutually agreed that I would no longer submit stories to them.  

      After she was kicked off the first paper, she went on to continue to test the boundaries of acceptable behavior.  At least, that's what I'm getting from what she wrote.

      •  That's not how I read it (none)
        I read that because she had a case of plagiarism hanging over her head, the management of the 2nd newspaper over-reacted to a case that was not plagiarism.  That happens.  She may be lying about the severity of the 2nd incident, but at this point she would be foolish to do so because she knows it's all going to come out soon anyway.  

        In reality, plagiarism at a college newspaper is not exactly a capital crime.  I'm sorry if I'm not taking this seriously enough for some, but I'm living in a world where the president of the U.S. lied about having evidence that a country was developing weapons to attack the U.S., and used that lie to justify a war that has cost tens of thousands of lives.  It's very hard right now for me to say "Dammit - she did something stupid in college 20 years ago, I don't believe a word she says".

      •  T.O., (none)
        Perhaps you don't intend the following statements to sound quite so harsh: that suggests not just an indiscretion to me, but the possibility of a character flaw...I have no idea if Melody has been a selfish self-promoter for her entire career or not. It seems that she didn't quite learn her lesson the first time she got caught -- she continued to seek the outer boundaries of acceptable behavior in order to step on the backs of others toward the top... (my added emphasis)

        but they do sound harsh because they are so open-ended. The phrases "character flaw", I have no idea if Melody...continued step on the backs of others" look like judgemental statements precisely because they clearly imply without any proof whatsoever, that Melody may likely have continued to make such mistakes, even though she paid a dear price at the time and did not continue a career in journalism. No you don't flat-out state that Melody isn't credible, but you strongly imply that she is. Melody Townsel could have fled from the public eye after this but she has not; her behaviour now speaks clearly of her bravery and integrity. Were she to have stood down immediately after this came out rather than staying the course, attention on her would have blown over quickly. Now she'll be Fox fodder for days. She has earned and deserves our support.


    •  I would (none)
         also like to hear the justification for the religious right, rewarding Ralph Reed for plagarism.
          If you think about it, considering the money and the clout he was given, Reed was judged and passed"*with flying colors."
           I guess if you are a *born again republican,
      you can make as many mistakes as you like.
         People make mistakes, then they move on. Especially young people.
         Melody is not being  considered for a position of international importance.
         Bolton *is.
        Since when do we, *"Throw out the baby with the bathwater?"

         She is courageous to step forward. The last thing she needs at this moment, is a detractor.
         How does that old saying go?
      If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem.
         To rake up a kid's mistake from 20 years ago, is pathetic.
         The right holds us to a much higher standard, than they hold themselves.
         I have always found that fascintaing.

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