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View Diary: Important Melody Townsel revelation--PLEASE DISSEMINATE (355 comments)

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  •  I had a recurring dream (none)
    20 years ago. Had it over a couple of months. Does that mean it's still recurring? No.

    Her plagiarized articles, according to her statement, were in the plural. Unless they all published in the same issue, the plagiarism recurred.

    That's not a good thing given that she needs to be considered a credible person. Please stop telling me my support for her is mandatory.

    •  Right! (none)
      Melody cannot be accused of recurring acts of plagiarism. And of course your support isn't mandatory at all, I just think she deserves our support.
      •  Plagarism is Plagarism (none)
        As an academic, I'm less forgiving of plagarism than most. As a political junkie, I now know that this knucklehead has now brought everything she has ever said or written into question. If she did this more than once, she did it by choice, not by accident. Writing for campus papers isn't the same as a research paper ot thesis. This likely involved more malfeasance than simply misplacing footnotes. If we're going to hold Bolton responsible for a 10-year old tantrum, then those who take on Bushco better have their ducks in a row. Just look at the website of his other accuser (Finney); do you think anyone who ses THAT will take her seriously? Even if she's right?
        •  I see this somewhat differently (none)
          from you. I was an organic chemistry TA; now this is a time-consuming and demanding course with weekly quizzes and homework assignments, lab reports etc. I inevitably would see the weaker students copying from a student who knew more about what was going on. The zeroes I gave hurt the weaker students more than the stronger students, and I let all involved know that they had violated university policy and if it was repeated the penalties would be more severe. I only saw one repeat out of three years of teaching. I don't think there are "born cheaters", mostly they are just young, lazy, scared, mostly a combo of all these, actually. I also just plagiarised myself from my comment downthread.
          •  I don't get your point (none)
            She plagarised for college publications. This wasn't a case of not having homework done and trying to cover it up. Her actions sound like willful malfeasance that occured more than once. Now everything she has said is called into question. So she was young. So were W and Cheney when they f***** up.
            •  Melody was a student at the time, (none)
              she was caught, she was punished. Her work beyond her college career has not been questioned at all, and no doubt everything she has done these past 20 years has been closely scrutinised, yet no offenses beyond this very confined period of time have been discovered. Perhaps this is something that you cannot forgive, and that is just how it is. But in my opinion Melody should not have to put this on her resume, nor should her every word for the rest of her life be considered suspicious. So there are at least 2 views on this, yours and mine. And I applaud Melody and think she has done this country a service and she has paid her dues to do so. Peace.
        •  Please (none)
          see Melody's updated comment below (in response to 'Levity').
        •  Your academic credentials (none)
          would be stronger if you spelled "plagiarism" correctly.

          And, since it's the same spelling mistake DaisyColorado made several times upthread it's recurring.

          Are you two the SAME person????

          Possible, but unlikely.

          Two data points are not  proof.

          Plagiarism is a serious business. If it had happened in the recent past, I'd more likely feel as strongly as you do.

          But I think there's a statute of limitations on things like this-even if there is a pattern (and I don't agree that's been demonstrated here yet.) I further suggest that it's much less than 20 years.

          Or, do you suggest that a twenty year old who makes a serious mistake should consider her life over and simply suffer in ignomy instead of trying to make something of themselves?

          Resistance to tyranny is obedience to God.-Thomas Jefferson
          We are the resistance.

          by boadicea on Tue Apr 26, 2005 at 06:21:38 PM PDT

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          •  Dual identities? (none)
            Intriguing, but wrong. Your paranoia is amusing. What the spelling mistakes show is that spell checkers are really useful, especially for common spelling errors. As for the snarky comments about academic credentials, I recall one of my favorite profs as an undergrad; he had a phd from Rice, and a JD from Illinois or Indiana (some football school), yet he wasn't familiar with the varied uses of the word 'rout' or 'seminal.' One of the great things about geting an education is that you realize that you don't know everything (such as how to type proficiently.) As for Melody, I never said she was bad, evil, etc... I did say that her past acts are ammunition for those that want to impugn her integrity.
            •  Trev, trev, trev (none)
              Try reading for comprehension. (What is it you teach, anyway?)

              I said it was unlikely you all were the same person. Two data points is insufficient too draw a conclusion.

              I can understand your confusion though, since you clearly have lost all sense of proportion to equate a plagiarism accusation Senator Biden was cleared of with the double homicide of Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman.

              Resistance to tyranny is obedience to God.-Thomas Jefferson
              We are the resistance.

              by boadicea on Tue Apr 26, 2005 at 06:46:43 PM PDT

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