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View Diary: Mitt Romney campaign: President Obama 'has never managed anything' (123 comments)

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  •  The GOP mantra "failed president" -- What's this? (5+ / 0-)

    They never list exactly WHAT Obama has failed at.

    He failed to create 4 million jobs? he failed to get bin Laden? He failed to pass health care reform? He failed to end the war in Iraq? He failed to sign equal pay for women into law? he failed to prevent a number of terrorist attacks by disrupting and decimating the Al Quaeda leadership? he failed to shrink the government work force? He failed to save Detroit? He failed to get modest beginnings to financial reform? he failed to get BP to pony up to mitigate the severe damage from the Gulf oil spill?

    Oh, snap! I know the anwser: he failed to close Gitmo.

    Oh, wait! That's what the GOP wanted and blocked him from doing so.

    Anyone got specifics on Obama's failure?

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