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View Diary: Unemployment benefits end for hundreds of thousands, but unemployment doesn't (86 comments)

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  •  I've always had that opinion of FL... (10+ / 0-)

    ...Years ago right out of college, my dad owned a vacation home there.   I was looking for a job and my dad encouraged me to go to FL and look for one.  

    It was a decent deal for both of us.  He had someone to look over the place and do the yard work (which means he wasn't spending several hundred a month on handymen, greens people, and security) and I got free rent on the beach while I looked for a job.  

    One position in FL looked good so I applied.  They were adamant that they would only accept someone with a master's degree.  I went to the interview, and they offered me the job.  At $20,000 per year!

    I laughed and asked them if I had a PhD would they pay me $22,000.    Three weeks later I was in California where I accepted a job that paid me $120,000 plus signing bonus.  

    I knew then that Florida was Nowheresville.  

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