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View Diary: Ux3: MI-11: Criminal Fraud Investigation of McCotter's Petitions (143 comments)

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    Like, for years his staff lived double lives as supporters but in reality were playing the long con, duped him into trusting him, only to then stab him in the back. What? It's more believable than what happened! And now he wants a chance to clean up the mess? Geesh. How dumb does he think his constituents are? Even some supporters must be wondering why they should help him at this point.

    Something that happened locally -- an incumbent submitted his papers for re-election on time but didn't complete the approval process -- it's a local practice where you have to walk signature papers from one office to another a door or two away rather than allowing any town hall employees doing it. I guess it's to prevent any claims that someone lost the papers before they got to the Town Clerk for finalization? Even staunch supporters didn't like that he wanted an exception to be made (he challenged the thing in court). They figured, if you can't get the basics right... .

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